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North Cape and Baltic Sea are very popular destinations, especially in the summer time. What are fellow passengers typically like? They were mainly born at times of increasing birth rates — after World War 2.

Mein Schiff

Baby boomers are sophisticated cruise single passenger well earning pragmatics. They expect room for individuality when being on holiday. Beyond that baby boomers are generous and willing to pay more for high quality as long as they are treated well and with respect. With relation to that, more additional routes are offered.

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One new harbour will be Valetta on Malta. Starting from there Mein Schiff 1 will cruise in the western and eastern Mediterranean Sea. Further novelties on Mein Schiff 2 verlustangst dating an extended Spa and Sports area with outdoor exercise fields, a wide Thalasso offering, an adventurous area to explode the Sea, tailor made golf deals, an extended kids-club, a digital library and even more sun loungers.

Starting already from October 27th TUI Cruises offers an all inclusive concept which includes almost all food and beverages on board. Besides three restaurants, all bars, lounges and restaurants are already included in the ticket price the guests paid before starting their holiday. Moreover, many other items are included and do not have to be paid extra.

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Integrated are tips, several sports and health offerings, entry for spa and sauna, entertainment and edutainment programs, qualified childcare and an excellence service for suite and junior suite guests. TUI Cruises offers a wide variety of meals.

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In most cases dishes are served at table. Do you cater to vegetarians and special diets? Many possibilities for vegetarians and guests on special diet are provided.

During most of its service history, MS Deutschland cruise ship was owned and operated by Peter Deilmann Cruises

At the beginning of each cruise, guests are invited to join an informational meeting. Here it is explained what TUI Cruises can do in order to meet every guests need.

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Also guests may inform the chefs about their diet and according to that special meals are prepared. What are the dress codes on board the Mein Schiff?

How should I tip on board staff on the the Mein Schiff? Tips are included in the booking price. Nevertheless, guests are welcome to leave a tip if they want to. What entertainment is on board Mein Schiff? Besides many others, the Mein Schiff crew singles altenberg of an entertainment department.

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Almost every night international artists, singers, dancers and comedians present great shows in the theatre. Also musical shows, concerts, crime-thriller dinners, cooking shows, parties on the pool deck or fun nights in our casino are staged. What is inclusive of the price of booking, and what would I need pay extra for?

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Inclusive: With relation to the new premium all inclusive concept starting on 27th October almost all food as well as a wide range of drinks is already included in the price. Other all inclusive features include cocktails and long drinks as well as spirits, soft drinks, beer, sparkling wine, wines as well as Mein Schiff water in the cabin and a Nespresso capsule for starting cruise single passenger new day.

On top of this, choice wines, champagnes, top quality spirits, selected cocktails and other premium drinks as well as wines in the mini-bar are available at an extra charge.

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In addition choice wines and exclusive champagnes, fine spirits, selected cocktails and other premium drinks as well as wines in the mini-bar are available for an extra charge. How can I stay in touch with friends and family while on the Mein Schiff? When being on board, one can cruise single passenger own mobile devices to call family and friends.

Cruise ship - Photo: Kay Ludwig 5th september - Pollution from the cruise ship industry is still massive, despite claims newer vessels are clean and green. All operators still use heavy fuel oil to power their ships — a dirty and sulphurous tar-like fuel that emits toxic fumes when burnt. Hapag-Lloyd and TUI share the top position due to the installation of nitrogen oxide catalysts, a small but important step towards cleaner ships. Yet sector leaders Costa, MSC and Royal Carribbean offer little to demonstrate they care for the environment or the health of people who live near, work in or holiday on these ships.

However, internet access needs to be paid extra. Also, customers have can send postcards from board. Is Internet access available from Mein Schiff?

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Yes, internet is available in almost all bars and lounges on Mein Schiff 1. Are hair-dryers provided in the cabins?

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In every cabin there are 2 hair-dryers provided. What electrical voltage is offered onboard? In cabins there is voltage and in service areas voltage. What is your smoking policy? Safety on board is top priority.

Traum, Plan, los! Wollten Sie schon immer die Norwegischen Fjorde entlang fahren oder möchten Sie lieber das Eis der Antarktis betreten? Haben Sie Sehnsucht nach einer Kreuzfahrt durch die klassischen Kulturen des Mittelmeers oder möchten Sie doch eher die unzähligen asiatischen Inseln besuchen? Unsere Philosophie besteht darin, die einzigartigsten, abenteuerlichsten und exklusivsten Kreuzfahrten anzubieten, die man sich vorstellen kann. Wir haben unzählige Ziele für begeisterte Reisende.

As a result of that it is prohibited to smoke in all cabins and in many public areas onboard. Smoking is allowed on own balconies and verandas only and in clearly labeled smoking areas.

Do your cabins have soap, shampoo, and conditioner? The cabins have soap, shower gel, shampoo, body lotion and conditioner Do you offer room service? No, there are no ATM machines onboard. Can I bring my own alcohol?

Bottles will be drawn-in when going on board, however the alcohol will be returned when leaving the cruise. How can I celebrate special occasions Birthday cakes etc? TUI Cruises offers to purchase cabin presents.

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Here one can choose between a wide variety such as flowers, cakes, chocolate candies, wines, champagne or vouchers for some of the high-class restaurants. Families Do you allow children and young families on board? TUI Cruises welcomes children and young families on board.

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Up to 14 year-old children can travel charge free lebenshaltungskosten single schweiz board of Mein Schiff 1 in the same cabin as their parent and enjoy the holiday in the kidsclub from 3 years on.

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