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Indoor rowing. The ultimate competition series on the rowing ergometer Kick-off and party on Nov. Participants compete against the world reference time in their respective age and weight class.

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That is why everybody has a fair chance pitting themselves against all others. The renowned Ergo-event will take place in the city of Hamburg in November and will cover nine seperate races covering nine different ergo-distances. It is open to all athletes such as cyclists, triathletes, joggers, crossfiters and simply anybody willing to push themselves to the their physical limits.

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Online as well as on the premise in Hamburg The upcoming Alster Cups single taken complicated in autumn will take place both online and locally in Hamburg. The following information as well as the participation fee initially refers to the event on premise and will be updated in cups single taken complicated course for the online event.

Rating System Thanks to the unique Alster Ergo-Cup rating system, everybody no matter how old, man or woman, heavy or lightweight, can take part and the race results will be documented online in an overall ranking list.

Here you will be assessed based on your recorded percentual deviation from the Concept2 world best times in your class age, gender, weight.

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  • Single taken cups party, Single taken dtf party cups, Single taken cups party
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The faster and better casual dating aachen are, the smaller the difference. We then determine this percentual deviation for each individual distance.

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In order to obtain an overall result, we add up all the deviations on an equal basis. In sum, the smaller your deviation, the higher you will be ranked in the competitive list.

This means that a year-old lightweight woman would theoretically have the same chances as a year-old heavyweight man because she will be competing against significantly slower reference values.

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That is what makes the Ergo-Cup system so unique. The competion is not restricted to class, age or gender: Everyone rows against everyone else!

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It's a stunningly simple system! The renowned Alster Ergo Cup consists of nine race-distances divided into five seperate blocks. You will receive points for every race you take part depending on your overall placement in that specific race.

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However, we will be offering two seperate races in 4 of the 5 blocks. The race with the better result will be taken into account for the ranking. So you may try twice in order to get a higher score-count. Winner is the competitor who collects the most points across all 5 blocks at the end of the series and will win the cup.

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Pushing yourself to the limit means you need a lot of support from the audience. The more supporters come from your own club the merrier, but in general every competitor will be enthusiastically cheered on until they cross the ergo finishing line. In addition to the individual ranking system there will also be a club rating system. The best five individual results of your team or club within a single block will be included in the overall club rating.

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Sounds complicated? In fact it is quite simplke and straightforward. You can check the rules in detail here again.

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Dates and distances The Alster Ergo-Cup is an ergo competition series beginning in November through to February covering nine very different race distances. This is a physical and mental challenge because every race has a different pace.

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The positive side of things: You will never be any fitter than going through the winter erg-series. From the beginning you may choose fronm the different distances on offer.

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Basically all races are divided into five blocks. You can choose from two seperate track lengths in four of the five blocks.

If you really want to test your stamina, you just race all nine events. Those participants who would like focus themselves or simply cannot meet the schedule only race one distance within each block, i. This is voluntary, you can try your best but do not have to.

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