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Dating Freising

The codex, which was written in two parts, contains from fol. Corbinian and ending with the tenure of Otto of Freisingthe diocese's most celebrated historian, and his successor Albert I.

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This coherently and systematically constructed work is in its first part fol. Generally, Cozroh 's work appears to have been a model for Dating freising Sacristan, as one might infer from his introductory prologue. However, it also becomes clear, that Conrad understood the property conveyances to Freising dating freising the time of Bishop Erchanbert in Cozroh's work not as a third section of the Kopialbuch, but rather copied them in a chronologically incorrect sequence among the conveyances of the tenure of Bishop Annowhich was marked by property exchanges.

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The drying up of donation charters as documents for the diocese's history during the time of Bishop Arnold is mentioned on fol. These documents now form the core texts and have been made visibly recognizable with the reproduction of the rulers' monograms in the text columns.

According to Conrad's theory of history, the dues owed to the bishops established through the acquisition of royal privileges take precedence over those acquired through the donations of the Bavarian aristocracy. This is especially clear in the depiction of Bishop Egilbert Consequently, Conrad concluded his representation of Engilbert's tenure with its own list of the royal privileges acquired at that time fol.

The illuminations at the beginning of the text sequence are mostly medallions with busts of the reigning bishops and rulers.

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Ordered in pairs, they visually represent imperial service and royal protection. However there are also some full-body depictions in the codex, such as that of Bishop Abraham in vestments with stole and crook fol. The labeling ensues in oversized initials and text headings at the border in brick red. The fore-page at the beginning of the codex, with the medallions of the Freising bishops, forms together with the closing pages treffen singles würzburg fol.

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They are followed by a death-list dating from the 14th century fol. The codex shows hardly any traces of use in the modern era, for neither Karl Meichelbeck nor Theodor Bitterauf drew upon it intensively for their editions.

Among the libri traditionum that arose at the end of the twelfth century in the Bavarian region, it represents a unique document, by which the author intended to create a diocesan history in documents and figures.

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With respect to the person of Conrad Sacristan, one may refer to the biographical sketch by Joachim Wild. He also provided a kennenlernen symbol description of the codex Introduction, pp.

In his work named the codex the key A', to show its dependence with regards to content to the work of Cozroh.

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The chronical parts dating freising the codex can be found in the edition of the MGH. In: Beiträge zur altbayerischen Kirchengeschichte 36, In: Beiträge zur altbayerischen Kirchengeschichte 45,

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