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This zone has been visited over millennia, between the Elster - and Saale ice ages, by humans and animals alike. The pedestal displays five massive, layered sediment packages that were created by varying levels of the lake and silting -up processes.

Thanks to the quick, airtight covering of the archaeological layers by mud, the organic materials are exceptionally well preserved. In the sequence of the sedimentary layers, climate changes can be read with a high resolution — from a warm, dry phase to airy deciduous forests to tundra.

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The archaeological layers beneath have only been partially excavated and have been an objective of a research excavation by the DFG German Research Association since Singlebörse ratingen show numerous cut marks made by stone tools, but only a few dating helmstedt marks made by animals.

The site is interpreted by the excavator Harald Thieme as testimony of a hunting event as well as the following cutting up and preparation of the kill. According to his scenario, the thick reeds at the lake shore gave the hunters cover, from where the horses, trapped between the hunters and the lake, were culled with accurate spear throws.

Because there are bones of young animals among the horse bones, he concludes that the hunt took place in autumn.

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They are made from slim, straight spruce stems — except for spear IV which is made from pine wood. The spears vary in length from 1.

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They have been worked very thoroughly and are evidence of highly developed technological skills and of a workmanlike tradition. The tips are worked symmetrically from the base of the stems, and the end of the tips were worked beside the medullary raythe weakest part of the stem, on purpose. Evidence of blank production is missing; much retouched debris proves the reworking of the brought-along tools.

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Also among the finds are the so-called "grooved wooden tools", excavated at the place of discovery No. Made from the extremely hard wooden branch-bases of the European silver firand noticeably incised at one end, they may have been used as a mounting for stone blades. If this interpretation is correct, they are the oldest doug carrie kennenlernen tools of mankind.

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Together with the carpological remainsthey make a detailed reconstruction of the climate and the environment of the passing of an interglacial period possible. Seven of the spears are made of spruce Picea abies wood Associated bone fossils The spears and the place of discovery have revolutionized the picture of the cultural and social development of early humans.

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Previously, the widespread opinion was that Homo heidelbergensis and Neanderthalsregarded as a descendant of H. The spears and their correlated finds are evidence of complex technological skills and are the first obvious proof for an active big game hunt.

It seems that H. Numerous cooperation partners domestic and abroad are involved in the reprocessing and the evaluation of the excavations: Rijksuniversiteit Leiden paleontologyLeuphana University Lueneburg palynologieSenckenberg Research Institute and Nature Museum in Frankfurt am Main, Leibniz University Hannover geologyInstitute for Quaternary Lumbers Langnau wood anatomyRomano-Germanic Central Museum Mainz and others.

InLower Saxony allocated public funds from the increased funds for the economy package II for the construction dating helmstedt a research and development centre. The centre, close to the place of discovery, is devoted to the inter-disciplinary research of the Schöningen places of discovery, as well as to the Dating helmstedt archaeology, and presents the original finds in an experience-orientated, modern exhibition.

A 24 hectare outdoor area presents typical plant communities of the interglacial, among them a pasture for wild horses.

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The place has been planned as an extracurricular place of learning. The building contractor was the town of Schöningen.

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The centre was opened at the beginning of Controversy[ edit ] Archaeologists at the University of Tübingen have questioned some of the initial interpretations of dating helmstedt site. Sediment analysis shows dating helmstedt the red colour previously thought to be a result of hearths and burning are actually iron compounds forming as the lake levels dropped in recent times.

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Lake algae, sponges, and small crustaceans found in the sediments show that the spears were never on dry land and that the deposit has always been submerged. These data suggest that instead of representing a big hunting event, the spears suggest less social complexity than originally suggested.

They also suggest that the horses were hunted in shallow water rather dating helmstedt at the lake edge.

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Similar finds[ edit ] Wooden artifacts from the Palaeolithic age are very rarely delivered to posterity. The artificial character of calcified lumbers from the discovery site Bilzingsleben is debatable. The elephant was possibly killed by it.

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Landkreis Helmstedt, Hannover In: Archäologisches Nachrichtenblatt 10,S.

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