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jörg single automobile gmbh bad salzuflen

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New Third Generation of Adaptors and Targets In the field of wheel alignment, we have continuously developed and improved alignment targets in close collaboration with Volkswagen AG, ever since Hunter Germany was founded in Our alignment targets have become smaller, lighter and now, in the third generation, integrated into a universal quick lock mechanism: the QuickGrip TM adaptor.

This technology is revolutionary and speeds up wheel alignment significantly.

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The revolutionary QuickGrip TM adaptors with integrated 3D targets are unique in the field of wheel alignment: Mounted at lightning speed, light and absolutely durable, break-resistant. Results are displayed on a color-coded printout containing the relevant alignment angles data: Front and rear total toe angles Camber values of all four wheels The necessary adjustment work can be communicated to the customer in a simple manner using the clear test report.

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DONE 1. Position vehicle 2.

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Attach QuickGrip adaptors to the wheels 3. Roll the vehicle forward 4. Select vehicle 5. Remove QuickGrip adaptors 6. Get report printout 7.

Joerg-schaefer Bad Salzuflen

Drive vehicle away 8. If necessary, offer the customer an adjustment 5 6 VAS Driver Assistance Systems Settings are Quick and Precise The VAS is also compatible with Volkswagen AG adjustment device VAS This device is used to calibrate the radar sensor of the adaptive cruise control system, the image sensor of the lane departure warning system and the night vision assistant system.

Hunter makes this adjustment work possible with two optional auxiliary cameras, which can be used without performing a wheel alignment. For the placement of the VASrefer to the manufacturer jörg single automobile gmbh bad salzuflen instructions.

If there are constraints on space, the vehicle can be moved backward on the wheel alignment lift to the correct distance. Optional: Hunter auxiliary cameras are used for calibration together with the VAS 7 VAS Automatic Height Measurement with Real-Time Display for Exact Measurement Jörg single automobile gmbh bad salzuflen Important information: All new vehicle models by the Volkswagen Group require a vehicle height measurement prior to wheel alignment in order to avoid incorrect measurement results.

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The vehicle height is automatically displayed live on-screen of the VAS by using the optional live ride height targets. Specific to vehicle model, accurate to the millimeter. Manual entry of the required height is not necessary this speeds up the wheel alignment service.

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You see the height data neu in der stadt neue leute kennenlernen in a bar graph: The red bar signals out-of-tolerance. The cameras detect the targets on the vehicle with the wheel alignment lift set at any working height.

A swiveling 24 inch widescreen display is standard. The separate printer drawer provides more operating convenience The mobile VAS can also be delivered with a larger equipment console.

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The larger console also has various tool drawers. The mobile VAS with cabinet mounted cameras is the best-selling version in the Volkswagen Group.

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For your employees, this creates confidence in the technology and in their work Rolling compensation now even faster in the QuickComp procedure. The vehicle is positioned just behind the turnplate and rolled forward. Permanently installed cameras with a manually heightadjustable camera beam. Clearance height up to 2, mm. This is the perfect combination for drive-through wheel alignments or a workshop pit. The new scissor lifting platform is the standard design for wheel alignments and guarantees the highest efficiency possible through Fully Integrated Alignment FIA FIA makes possible automatic locking and unlocking of the rear slipplates and optional front turnplates during wheel alignment.

To guarantee the precision required for wheel alignment, the runways are designed for especially high stability against twisting.

Joerg-schaefer Bad Salzuflen

The integrated rear slipplates and optional front turnplates can be locked in place from the operating console with the press of a button.

Recesses on-site for the optional turnplate. Comes standard with integrated rear slipplates 2 m length. FIA reduces the conventional, large number of trips around the vehicle during wheel alignment to only 3 trips: 1 Mount QuickGrip TM adaptors on the wheels 2 Perform wheel alignment with automatic locking and unlocking of the slipplates and turnplate 3 Demount QuickGrip TM adaptors.

Durable chrome bolts and Teflon bearings Lifting platform can be switched off in case of hydraulic malfunction through quick-locking procedure 16 lockable height positions Complete operation of the lift via separate operating console Technical Data: Electric supply: Air connection: Load capacity: Overall dimensions: LxWxH Track: LxW Drive-on height: Max.

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Road force variation in the wheel assembly is determined with the pressure roller and optimized as needed via the standard ForceMatching Program: deepest point in the rim, matched to the hardest point in the tire. Also for VAS B The software makes simultaneous processing of different sets of tires by different operators possible Automatic saving of all wheel data, retrievable in a simple manner via touchscreen Balancing and measuring road force In a measurement run, determines imbalancecaused vibration problems even before the wheels are installed Ensures higher driving comfort VAS A Facts Balancing machine with graphical display via LCD display and innovative software for quick and safe operation All procedures are displayed in an easily comprehensible manner via the LCD display, operation via the popular Hunter Softkeys Comes standard with the patented ServoDrive system, a programmable DC drive system for automatic wheel positioning at the equalizing point for hammer-on or adhesive weights The optional pneumatic clamping device AutoClamp.

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Optional tire lift for wheels up to kg. Centering ensures absolutely precise stretching that is easy on the rim Pneumatic locking of the mounting head with automatic spacing guide to rim VAS Facts Automatic tire-changing station for touch-free changing of all tire diameters up to max.

NEW GO pedal controls the procedure Fully automatic procedure saves times and reduces operator errors The operator starts the fully automatic mounting and demounting procedure by actuating the GO pedal without any other movements The same procedure is used for all wheels and tires, thereby ensuring efficiency Mounting and demounting without touching the rim Machine stops automatically by letting go of the GO pedal Fully Automatic Procedure Saves Time and Avoids Errors.

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When the rim diameters and the valve position have been saved, damage to the tire pressure monitoring sensor is avoided.

The demounting head grasps and lifts the tire bead automatically without the need for the operator to intervene. The typical tire lever is old-fashioned. Scope of Delivery VAS : ASE Plastic protector for rim tool head 3 each Valve insert assembly tool, valve inserter 1 bucket tire bead lubricant with brush Replacement demounting tool holder Tire lift 2 each tire bead pushers The Premium tire changer VAS requires very little space for a machine of its class.

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And, moreover, it can be placed directly against the wall. The Hunter factory in St.

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