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Definitions of Narrative and the Alleged Problem of Time with Single Still Pictures 1 That the same story can be told in different media is one of the fundamental claims of narratology. Claude Bremond famously listed verbal narrative, novels, theater, movies and ballet among potential vehicles for story. However, narratological research concerned with pictorial narrativity generally proceeds from the assumption that although single pictures may evoke or imply stories, they are unsuitable for storytelling in a strict narratological sense.

Still single pictures: Narrativity without narrative?

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Mieke Bal is probably the narratologist who has most consistently analyzed single still pictures as narratives. But the fact is that the single still pictures of which she offered narrative analyses e.

Bal meaning single taken,are quite incompatible with most definitions of narrative and arguably even her own cf.


1. Still single pictures: Narrativity without narrative?

Meaning single taken must keep in mind, however, that there are artefacts that are not narratives, but still have a high degree of narrativity cf. Prince An artefact which, for example, complied only meaning single taken five out of six necessary criteria for narrative, would not be a narrative. However, it would still have a much higher degree of narrativity than an artefact which only complied with, say, one criterion. As long as we have not systematically established the compatibility of single still pictures with a plausible definition of narrative, it might always turn out that no picture of this kind complies with all criteria of a minimal narrative.

The beholders discussed by Dieterle go far beyond anything that could be called the activation of stories contained in pictures. But when this happens it shows us little about the utterance itself.

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If Diderot tells a story which is supposed to be motivated by a landscape painting by Vernet where no events can be identified, the motivation for storytelling is external, not internal, to the picture. It tells us more about Diderot than about the picture itself. Commenting on this fact, Dieterle himself compares the kind of narrative readings he is interested in to Rorschach tests cf.

Dieterle The fact that a story is sometimes based on a picture does not show that the picture is in and by itself a narrative.

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But how about pictures which were intended to tell a story and seemed to do so to their creators and their initial audience — for instance, history paintings? After all they are consistently and regularly received as narratives.

The literature on history painting has been growing ever since Alberti first defined painting as a window through which we can see a story historia or istoria in his treatise On Painting and we cannot take it into account here.

The fact is that the historia evoked by a picture was usually mythological, biblical, or, in some cases, linked to famous historical events. These references were known by the intended audience and could be easily identified.

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If an artist provided the basic story-triggers, beholders easily meaning single taken the story was being re told to them when they looked at history paintings. A naked woman, a naked man, an apple and a snake were enough to evoke the story of the Fall of Man. If all elements were there it could easily seem as if the picture told the story. Thus it was rarely noticed beziehungsangst kennenlernen many pictures of Adam and Eve make it look like Eve was feeding the snake, which implicates that no clear narrative is being conveyed by the picture alone.

The assumptions of the artists and their initial audience thus structured the perception of the works as narratives. The cultural heritage completed the experience. In any case, artists and scholars only discussed how a story could best be conveyed by a picture, taking for granted the notion that pictures could be narratives until Lessing meaning single taken criticized this idea in In his groundbreaking study on narrative in Caravaggio, published inthe art historian Lorenzo Pericolo thus makes a bold statement: In art history there is no narratology worthy of the name.

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It might sound absurd that a humanistic discipline like art history, which has mostly emerged from the early modern debates about the istoria, has stubbornly continued to appraise visual narratives with criteria that are frankly obsolete. If a picture is like a window, there is little to be analyzed.

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According to Boehm, we must therefore break free of this association in order to understand the deep nature of pictures. To do so, we must strip pictures of everything they have traditionally been taken to communicate, such as stories cf.

Boehm29f. The fact that stories can be communicated in different media and thus cannot be essential for pictures might well be the reason why Bildwissenschaften generally ignore the narrative dimension of pictures.

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Pericolo also identifies a more general prejudice concerning this dimension of pictures: The structures and mechanisms of pictorial narrative do not appear to offer enough ground for analysis and interpretation. Mitchell is more interested in ideology than narrative analysis or semiotics.

Rather than trying to demonstrate that pictures can comply with the definition he uses for literary text, Altman presupposes that pictures are narratives. He then adapts his own initial definition by abandoning the criterion of recurrence, a criterion deeply linked to the unfolding of a story in time that seemed essential in the first part of his work.

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If recurrence really was not a necessary criterion of narrative — which it might or might not be — why did Altman introduce it in the first place? This introduction of a double standard of narrative makes it seem like a picture could not comply with the real standard.

It thus plays into the hands of the skeptic. I will here try to work with a different approach. I will accept one of the most narrow definitions of narrative and try to show that some pictures can comply with it.

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They did not presuppose that pictures can be narratives, but sought to establish whether pictures could comply with the criteria of a plausibly narrow definition of narrative. To do so is the aim of this essay. However, there is disagreement as to what exactly this means.

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While most theorists accept that it is possible to transmit a story through different media channels, there is widespread disagreement about exactly which media have the potential to do so. These disagreements between different narratologists might appear like no more than quarrels about words, but they are much more than this.

They constitute a discussion about what exactly the correct definition of narrative is.

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