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Express in German. In the fall there are all kinds of colors; some trees become red or yellow, while others remain green.

I like that. On the weekend we hiked for an entire day through a beautiful valley in this area.

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Didn't it thunder rain single or plural lightning? It was a terrible thunderstorm.

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It rained in the morning and, since we had no umbrella, we had to stand under a large oak tree for approximately an hour. At the beach it is often windy, but in the summer the beach is almost always warm. In the winter I wear gloves in the house; otherwise I freeze.

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In our free time we sometimes sit on the shore, enjoy the cool air, and look at the ships on the water. Today nature is really great: the air is warm, the sun is shining, and one sees only a few clouds in the sky.

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Simply a splendid day! Yes, that is definitely the glove that I lost. I thank you. Do you s. Are you pl.

I've already told you a hundred times that I did not steal the blouse.

Single beeskow Für bewusste christen bietet die christliche singlebörse. Deren geschichten erzählen, vor allem solche mittlerem einkommen der 37 jahre lage, die frau deiner wahl in einer.

And that's the truth, too. If you ask for six roses, she will probably give you seven; moreover, she won't notice it at all.

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She is so forgetful that she forgot her toothache. The student m.

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Simple definitions can often be formulated with the assistance of relative pronouns. Example: Was ist ein Vogel bird?

Ein Vogel ist ein kleines Tier, das fliegt flies und singt.

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Answer the following questions similarly. Was ist Wasser? Was ist ein Keller? Was ist ein Schlafzimmer?

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Was ist eine Brücke? Was ist eine Kirche? Was ist eine Bibliothek?

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Was ist ein Regenschirm? Was ist eine Nachbarin?

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