Single taken building my empire finding myself

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single taken building my empire finding myself

Where am I? I was so confused. At the same time and place, I met many other refugees who had also just arrived.

Profil anzeigen Beiträge anzeigen It's a bit confusing, but as far as I can tell, those are some: 1.

They told me that it is very difficult to gain a residence permit in Germany and that Germany was not the best country to be in. I realized later that I was con- 18 My name is Moataz.

single taken building my empire finding myself

I am 27 years old, and I came from fronted with a lot of rumors and opinions about Germa- Damascus, Syria. I have been in Germany for three ny.

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Still, I wanted to stay, and I made my way to Berlin. I years now.

single taken building my empire finding myself

When I first arrived, I studied with Kiron and believe that the greatest problem for refugees and new- worked as a social worker for almost two years. Today I comers are these rumors!

single taken building my empire finding myself

You hear something, and you am proud to call myself a Kiron transfer student, and I immediately believe it is true. There is so much Back in Syria, I began my studies in Aleppo in of this floating around that you start believing it and you and then transferred to Damascus, where my family is get discouraged.

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I think the first lesson I learnt in Germa- originally from. We — my parents, my five brothers and I — ny was: Do not listen to rumors! Just do it!

single taken building my empire finding myself

Unfortunately, The integration of refugees in German society is a very I do not have any sisters. My parents are still there with complex topic. The greatest problem we face is that there two of my brothers.

single taken building my empire finding myself

My other brothers made it to Ger- is no plan at the moment and no perspective for the fu- many with me. One of them lives in Halle, the other one ture. I worked as a social worker here, and I worked with in Heerlen. It is very nice that I have relatives here whom immigrants, the Ausländer Behörde and the Job Center.

She works and conducts researches on different types of artistic, editorial or institutional practices, visual cultures, and connections between artists, critics, periodicals, galleries, and museums in the 20th century, chiefly in Italy and with special attention to the political context. Conte and V. Martini; Milan,

I can visit. But I miss my family and rammstein single seemann home! None of them have a long-term plan.

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They just work with It was difficult when the revolution and war began what they have. And single taken building my empire finding myself was not easy to juggle work and student real direction, and we do not know what the future will life during such turmoil.

It was extremely hard with look like.

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