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I am delighted to be sharing the ministerial stage with my noble friend Lord Hunt of Kings Heathwho will be winding up, and we much look forward to the maiden speeches of the right revered Prelates the Bishop of Blackburn and the Bishop of Lichfield. None of my informants can find a recent precedent for two Bishops making maiden speeches in the same debate, so we are blessed indeed.

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The gracious Speech promises legislation, "to protect communities from flooding". Since it was delivered, Cumbria has experienced one of the most serious floods in British history, so I know that the House would wish me to begin with an update on the situation. A month's worth of rain had already fallen across the region in the first half of November. Then, in just three days between Tuesday and Friday of last week, places such as Flirten anderer begriff and St Bees Head experienced a further month's rainfall.

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On Thursday, millimetres of rain fell in Seathwaite and Borrowdale. It is thought to be the wettest hour period ever recorded in the UK. Further heavy rain is forecast this week. Already, at least 1, properties have been flooded, several bridges have collapsed and the road network has been badly affected.


We are doing everything that we can to help Cumbria County Council and local communities to deal with the severe flooding.

A particular issue is the singletrail burgdorf of road bridges in Workington, which presently has only a functioning rail bridge.

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The county council is considering the construction of a temporary welsh assembly government single farm payment bridge, and relevant government agencies, including the MoD, are offering support. Network Rail also starts work tonight to build a temporary railway station in Workington on the north side of the River Derwent-in addition to the station on the south side-to ease the access problems that the town is experiencing.

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My department is also providing emergency funding to welsh assembly government single farm payment the cost of repair and maintenance work to roads and bridges, just as we did two years ago when the last floods struck. I will return to the issue of floods later in my speech.

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In respect of the other subjects of today's debate, the gracious Speech commits the Government to "strengthening the national infrastructure"; to, "respond to proposals for high-speed rail services between London and Scotland"; to, "combat climate change, including at the Copenhagen summit"; to, "support carbon capture and storage and to help more of the most vulnerable households with their energy bills "; and to improve the management of water supplies.

I begin with transport.

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It is the lifeblood of the UK economymoving people, goods and services, helping to generate growth and enabling trade and industry to flourish domestically and internationally. However, transport also accounts for around 21 per cent of the UK's total domestic greenhouse gas emissions.

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It is therefore central to our efforts to tackle climate change. Achieving the twin objectives of transport that supports the economy and reducing carbon emissions is a significant challenge. To meet it, my department has a three-pronged approach: first, a sustainable infrastructure strategy, to provide additional capacity in the most efficient way; secondly, a green industrial strategy, to make the UK a global centre for low-carbon transport industries; and, thirdly, a transport reform strategy, to encourage public transport and healthier, as well as greener, choices such as cycling.

Expanding motorway and trunk road capacity sustainably is a key element in our infrastructure strategy. A significant innovation in this programme is investment in making possible hard-shoulder running on motorways, following the successful pilot on the M42 near Birmingham.

That demonstrated that the hard shoulder can be turned into a running lane at a fraction of the cost of conventional motorway widening-but with equivalent benefits-and that, with the installation of regular lay-bys and appropriate traffic officer supervision, there is no compromise on safety. On high-speed rail, until recently Governments saw rail in the United Kingdom as in a state of inevitable and irreversible decline and they failed to invest in new infrastructure.

As a result, today we are behind most other developed countries in building a high-speed rail network.

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Yet over the past decade rail has experienced a tremendous renaissance in Britain. High-speed rail has the potential to meet future inter-conurbation capacity requirements and to transform, sustainably, the transport connections between our major conurbations, with substantial economic, social and environmental benefits. International experience bears this out.

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Before high-speed rail, just 24 per cent of journeys between Paris and Brussels were by train. Since the introduction of a high-speed line between these cities, the proportion of train journeys has more than doubled, to 50 per cent, with a huge increase in capacity. In Germany, high-speed rail is so popular that Lufthansa has scrapped flights between Cologne and Frankfurt-little wonder, now that the new high-speed line has slashed the mile journey time by train from 2 hours 15 minutes to just under one hour.

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Before high-speed rail in Spain, two-thirds of journeys between Madrid and Seville were by plane; just a third were by train. With the advent of a high-speed line, the railway now takes 84 per cent of the market.

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A similar dramatic change is taking place on the Madrid to Barcelona route, with the opening of the high-speed line between the two cities earlier this year. The question now is where we go in Britain.

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By the end of the year, High Speed Two will have advised me on a detailed route plan for the first stage of a north-south high-speed line, from London to the West Midlands. I have also asked it to advise me on options for extending high-speed services to conurbations further north and to Scotland. The Government will welsh assembly government single farm payment to the HS2 report with a statement of policy next spring.

I wish to forge as broad a consensus as possible.

I welcome the fact that Theresa Villiers and Norman Bakeras spokespeople for their parties, have been engaging constructively with High Speed Two. I will endeavour in the new year to agree a strategic approach with them, so that the development of high-speed rail in Britain becomes a national and not a party cause.

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I also look forward to discussions with colleagues in this House on high-speed rail. It is my firm belief that a project of this magnitude, with such long-term investment and planning timelines, will succeed only if we all work together, across the parties, on a shared national strategy.

That will be my principle of action in the months ahead. Turning to our wider transport strategy, perhaps I might highlight electrification in respect of rail, cars, vans and buses. The benefits of rail electrification are huge. An electric train typically emits up to a third less carbon per passenger mile than does a diesel train; electric trains are also far more reliable and far cheaper to buy and maintain than diesel trains.

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On road transport, significant further improvements in fuel efficiency will come from the internal combustion engine, but manufacturers are developing mass market electric and hybrid cars; government policy is to encourage their uptake and to make the UK a leading global centre for designing and building them.

This pilot scheme will be tested in six local authority groups and by six large public fleets. The Government will continue to work in the EU flirtzeichen frau develop regulations for further reducing CO2 from new vans.

Most journeys in this country are local per cent are less than two miles and 68 per cent are less than five miles-so local authorities, too, have a key role to play in decarbonising transport.

Bus patronage is now at its highest level for two decades and through the Local Transport Act we have made it easier for bus operators and local authorities to work together to deliver better services for passengers.

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