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Some of these trackers are useful, while others can be potentially intrusive. Thankfully, there are myriad freeware cleaners out there that help keep your system in check. CCleaner is one of the better ones for its ease of use and powerful cleaning capabilities.
ccleaner pro windows 10

Windows 10 Compatibility Issues

CCleaner has been a mainstay for protecting Windows computers for many years. It was created at a time when Microsoft Windows lacked many built-in protections and features, so CCleaner filled those gaps. Today, those gaps are gone, and many people who install CCleaner could be doing their computer more harm than good. The reality is that people usually use one primary browser on their computer, and these days privacy features are built right into the browsers themselves to automatically clean up cookies and search history.

For example, in Google Chrome, you can easily automate this: Click the menu and click Settings. Scroll down to the bottom and click Advanced. In Privacy and Security, click on Content settings. Click Cookies. Enable Keep local data only until you quit your browser.

Click Add next to Clear on exit. These two settings changes will ensure that local data and cookies related to your browsing activities are immediately cleaned whenever you exist the browser. You can also prevent malicious advertising from becoming a problem in Chrome by going back to the Content settings screen and under Ads, make sure the first switch reads Blocked on sites that show intrusive or misleading ads recommended rather than Allowed.

These are common settings available in nearly all modern browsers today and obsolete the need for a third-party app like CCleaner to reach into your browser files and modify anything. The reality is that any small number of left-over pieces in the registry from uninstalling an app, for instance takes up an insignificant amount of space. Just one inadvertent mistake in deleting a registry key could potentially corrupt your entire Windows operating system.

There is also no evidence that registry cleaners speed up Windows. Disable Unneeded Startup Programs Another feature touted by CCleaner is its ability to speed up how quickly your computer starts but reducing the number of startup applications that it loads on bootup.

The application shows you all programs configured to run when your computer starts and provides a tool you can use to disable or delete those startup tasks. The reality is that CCleaner is simply providing you with a redundant app that Windows 10 already has. You can easily view the programs that are scheduled to launch when your computer starts.

Click on the Start menu and type startup tasks. Click on the Startup Apps under System Settings. In this tool, you can enable or disable which programs can start when your computer boots up. Ironically, as you can see above, when CCleaner is installed, it configures itself to load as one more application that launches when your computer starts up, slowing it down even further.

There are two fallacies to this. The first is that deleting files will speed up your computer. The second fallacy is that you even need CCleaner to do this. Microsoft introduced a new feature into Windows 10 with Creators Update version This introduced a new option in a Windows 10 feature called Storage Sense.

To enable this: Click the Start menu and type Settings. Click on Settings. Click on System and then Storage in the left navigation pane. Turn on the Storage Sense feature. This will always ensure that your Temporary Files and Recycle Bin remain free of clutter. You can fine tune how this feature behaves by clicking on the Change how we free up space automatically link.

There, you can fine tune how often Windows cleans up these areas, and how long Windows allows unmodified files to remain in these areas. This is just one more example of how features in Windows 10 make CCleaner obsolete. Considering that CCleaner is configured to run as a startup application by default, this means CCleaner could be communicating with CCleaner servers without you even realizing it. For an application that claims to try and reduce the time it takes for your computer to boot, and to try and speed up your PC, the fact that this is enabled by default seems counter-intuitive.

When users download an application to keep their computer clean and free of garbage or junk applications, it should be an application with a reputation of being free of malware or viruses. Unfortunately, in hackers successfully injected malware into the CCleaner app to distribute itself across millions of users who had CCleaner installed. Unfortunately, the damage was done. What the attack proved is that installing applications like CCleaner just introduces a new path for hackers to find their way into your system.

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Unfortunately, this leads to major issues when a popular tool goes rogue. CCleaner, once a tidy app with no history of issues, has had several major problems in less than a year. A Piriform staff member responded with the following: This is especially the case when that latest version of CCleaner has data collection options enabled by default see the section below. Check out the below video to see the forced update happen when installing an old version of CCleaner:

How to Uninstall CCleaner

CCleaner Pro is a computer optimization software program. If you are a regular user of a computer, you might have seen sometimes your computer suddenly running slow.

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